SUP Club

SUp club


This is the next step for those that have
Completed a Beginner Lesson and aspects covered in the practice sessions including.
Paddleboarding in a variety of water conditions
Reading sea and weather conditions
Trip planning
Rescue techniques
Are already a proficient paddleboarder that can demonstrate sound technique and above points.

This is not for beginners!

A weekly informal social paddle session running throughout the whole year. What we do on the session varies from week to week and will also be dictated by weather and sea conditions.

Coastal Tours – Technique – Social – Fun – Fitness – Kit Demos – Surf

Days and times are set looking at the weather and sea condition forecast for the week ahead. This is then posted on my facebook page on the Friday evening for the week ahead.

Adults (18 yrs +)

From £15

Make a booking enquiry

Juniors (14 yrs +)

From £15

Make a booking enquiry

(Under 18yrs must either have a Parent or Guardian present on the water or viewing from the shore within earshot throughout if the session is taking place within the Harbour areas)


Got your own kit! Not a problem as long as it is fit for purpose you will be able to join in for sure.  

All funds taking from this session get ring fenced and used to specifically to support the SUP Club activities and kit etc.