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First Up Just in Case You Don’t Know?

What is Paddleboarding?

Stand Up Paddle boarding (SUP) is arguably one of the world’s oldest water sports, originating in Hawaii. Polynesian watermen would use a long canoe style paddle with a large surfboard in order to propel themselves onto a wave. It’s basically standing up on large stable surfboard and using a paddle to help you move about.

It’s amazingly easy to pick up and for even someone with very little balance, coordination and fitness you will be up and safely paddling around in the space of an hour.

Relatively cheap to purchase the kit and the inflatable boards are easy to transport, everything you need fits in a bag put it on your back, throw in the back of your car, take on the bus/train or plane.Once you’re hooked you can progress onto other aspects of the sport, touring, surfing, sup yoga, racing and there is a wide variety of boards/paddles specific to these other activities.

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what it’s great for

  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Getting you out in the fresh air and enjoying the environment
  • Amazing for keeping you fit and you won’t even realise it’s happening, one of the best all over body work outs you can get
  • Great way of escaping it all and clearing your head, as soon as you get on that board you immediately chill out
  • Socialising, great fun exploring and paddling about with your pals
  • Something all the family can enjoy
  • See the world from a whole new perspective and visit places you can only get to on a paddleboard
  • Exploring the environment – You won’t get your hat on with what’s on your door step, caves, coves, waterfalls, seals, huge amount of sea birds, dolphins, whales, mermaids etc.
  • Competition, racing or waves with series of national and international competitions

Stonehavens only non-club based water sports activity provider.


What is Stonehaven Paddleboarding?

Based in the stunning Harbour area which is an amazingly safe place to learn and making use of the bay and the breath-taking coastline to explore and perfect your technique.

Although the main base will be in Stonehaven, the business is mobile with the ability to operate where ever there is water - Lochs, Rivers, Canals, Swimming Pools and deliver the activity to suit your needs.

Lessons . Tours . Team Building . Groups . Private Sessions . Corporate


A Community focussed project delivering the following

  • Education on the sea and coastal environment. Making children and adults aware of this environment and how to keep safe eg rips, tides, currents etc
  • Weekly programme of community specific lessons and sessions throughout the year focusing on fun, technique, exploring and social
  • Family fun sessions
  • Performance sessions for those that want to compete – Set up a Team opportunity for National Team selection, traveling to regional and national events
  • Events – adding an extra activity to local events such as the harbour festival, feenin market and adding a new water sports based event to the calendar
  • Offering opportunity for SUP instructor and coach education providing future employment in the town and further afield
  • Equipment rental
  • Tourist/Visitor products benefiting local businesses by encouraging additional visitors and increasing dwell time in the town.

For Tourists/Visitors

  • Lesson and Tours – In the bay, caves and coves, the castle, down the coast to Catterline
  • Family and Group Fun sessions
  • Equipment Rental
  • Giant Paddleboard Fun – Up to 8 people!
  • Private lessons/tours
  • Increasing dwell time in the town and giving yet another reason to visit Stonehaven and benefiting spend in other local businesses
  • Events – Competitions or open days attracting visitors to the town

The Staff

Me (at the moment) – Dave Jacobs, fully trained SUP Instructor with over 32 years of delivering outdoor/water sports activities, outdoor first aid and SUP rescue certified and a depth of knowledge of this coastline and all its nooks and crannies. As the business and demand grows other instructors may join me in to help deliver the activities. For those wishing to become and instructor, Instructor training courses will be arranged.


The Base – The SUP Hut (See Map)

Far Harbour area – Mobile Unit with kit storage with lessons taking place directly opposite the unit within the safety of the Harbour. Venturing into The Bay and down the coast to explore and perfect your technique.

The Kit Provided


Paddleboards and paddles


Wet suits and boots