Stonehaven Paddleboarding has the latest and most recommended equipment you can get for rental so you can be assured that you will be having the best experience.

The Boards are inflatable and come deflated in a bag with pump, leash and paddle.

If you would prefer to collect board inflated just let me know.

Wetsuits and Boots are all 5mm to keep you toasty warm.

Set up and pack down board guide


2 hrs – £20
1 day – £40
2 days – £70
3 days – £100
4 days – £130
5 days – £150
6 days – £175

For longer rental please add £25 per day

2hrs – £10
1 day – £20

Pick up and Drop back

Please phone/e mail to arrange pick up and drop back times.

Rental Terms and Conditions

Only persons over the age of 14yrs that meet the minimum standard for Paddleboarding are permitted to rent equipment. All those under 18yrs must be accompanied on the water by a parent or guardian who also meets the minimum standards required.

If in doubt about your ability message me or send an enquiry about booking onto one of my lessons or progression sessions. Customers must ensure prior to hiring that they are not suffering from alcohol or drug abuse or any medical condition that would make it dangerous to participate.

You must take communication and safety with you in a water proof case/bag if touring and understand self rescue techniques. If in doubt have a lesson or stay near our lesson groups.
We reserve the right to refuse rental to any customer if we consider any of the above conditions are likely not to be met or we consider surf or weather conditions to be unsafe.

Minimum Standard

  • Can swim a minimum of 100m
  • Have completed a structured Beginner Lesson on the Sea successfully or already be a competent paddleboarder
  • Can steer and control direction of board
  • Understand self-rescue techniques
  • Understand the basics of RIPs, Wind Effect and Tides
  • Understand etiquette for other water users and sea craft

If you do not meet these requirements or are unsure then unfortunately you will not be unable to rent equipment and are recommended to either book on to one of the beginner lessons or if not a beginner book onto one of the tours

For your Safety


Important – Please Read!

Before heading on the water It is extremely important that you follow the links below and read the safety advice below..

RNLI rental safety GuidelinesRIP Currents tides and swell

Don’t go out of the harbour area if wind is over 10 knots

Check the weather

Check the tides and swell and surf conditions (for exploring low tide is best)


You must!

  • Check conditions before you set off
  • Tell me and someone else where you are going
  • Wear your leash at all times
  • Stay close to shore at all times
  • Carry a mobile phone with you in a water proof case
  • Take water and a snack with you if you are planning on being on water for over an hour
  • Respect other water users and give them right of way

If I think the conditions are not suitable for paddleboarding or if I have doubt about your ability I will not rent you are board!