It is super important that you check the weather conditions well in advance and directly before you head onto the water, things can change real quick don’t get caught out! Please check the weather links below, check the sea conditions and follow advice below. If in doubt give me a shout and I will give you my advice.

  • Don’t go out in off shore winds above  10 knots [11 mph]
  • Check the wind direction, you don’t want a strong head wind to paddle into on the way back
  • Dress for the conditions, good wet suit and boots
  • Sun cream, even on a cloudy day you will get burnt
  • Always where your leash
  • If on the water for more than 2 hours take water and a snack with you  
  • Stick close to the shore
  • Always tell someone where you are going and when you will be back
  • Take someone with you if you can